Healing &Empowerment Ceremony
Connect to the sacredness of daily life. Restore health and spiritual power. This experience includes the basics of how to journey safely. Clients learn to journey by "riding" a drum beat into non-ordinary reality to connect with helping Spirits. Reconnecting with our helping Spirits helps us to restore our power, answer questions and find solutions in life issues, heal ourselves, family, and friends, connect to the energy and love of the Universe. Also Offered Remotely
Soul Retrieval
Soul loss can occur when a person suffers a trauma or emotional crisis. In trauma, a part of the soul may fragment off and leave (dissociation) so that the body and psyche can survive the experience. Soul loss leaves a person with less than their whole vital lifeforce. Possible symptoms of soul loss are- not feeling "whole", feeling that "that part of me left", or "I've never been the same since," forgetting a certain age traumatic event, chronic illness, chronic depression, or chronic fatigue, chronic behaviors or addictions. In a soul retrieval session, the shamanic healer journeys on behalf of the client to retrieve the lost soul parts and restore the integrity of the lifeforce.

Soul Part Integration
Once soul parts are retrieved, they need to be integrated back into the client's lifeforce. The healing and integration is deepened when done through shamanic journeying. In integration sessions, the client learns to establish and empower the relationship with her/his own spirit teachers and power animals. The client then calls on these spirit helpers for guidance in the completion of the integration process.

Power Spirit Retrieval
in a power retrieval session, the shamanic healer journeys to non-ordinary reality to connect with the client's power animals. The client is then introduced to the animals, given messages from them, and joyously bond with them. One's power animals are then available for both commonplace assistance and transformative work.

When a person experiences soul loss or power loss, an opening is created in the vital life force of that person. In the extraction session, the shamanic healer removes energies that may have entered the opening, thus preparing the client for a power or soul retrieval.

Depossession is also done in this ceremony when needed, freeing the client from intrusive entities.

Illumination Ceremony
The illimuniation process works on clearing issues that may be lodged iin the body's energy centers, such as 'chakras.' This blockage can prevent us from moving forward in life.