Shamanic Healing
The path of healing, empowerment
and awakening


Karuna Gatton Shamanic Healer

Karuna sees her life experiences motherhood, relationships, vision quests, and seeking her own healing and self-
realizations - as preparation for the work she does as a shaman.

Her spiritual teachers and spiritual disciplines have allowed her to be a natural conduit for spirit and becoming part
of a community of shamanic practitioners who are growing and healing together.

Karuna's formal training has been with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She has also been
trained in Celtic, Siberian, Tibetan, Native American and Peruvian Shamanism. The format for her Healing and Empowerment Ceremony has come from her helping Spirits.

The format for her Healing and Empowerment Ceremony has come from her helping Spirits.
Karuna’s space for healing work is a wonderful cedar yurt surrounded by forest in the Hendrick’s Park area of Eugene, Oregon.

Karuna provides healings on location or remotely.


Healing and Empowerment Ceremonies

A thorough healing experience. During the ceremony, we identify and retrieve soul lost during life's trauma and emotional crisis. We then integrate that soul back into your life force, extracting any negative energies the spirits and Karuna finds.

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Other Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

Karuna offers a variety of other healing services, these include shamanic counseling, death and dying skills, house blessing and clearing and distant healing. In addition, she will work with you to tailor a custom healing plan for your needs.

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Monthly Drum Circle

Karuna, and her shamanic community, hold a drum circle the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm. These circles are for people who want continued healing through the power of the drum. New attendees are always welcome.

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